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Adopt Kittens & Very Young Cats

If you are thinking about kittens – think rescue kittens

It is important to remember that little kittens quickly grow into adult cats, so please consider the commitment you are making very carefully. Each little kitten, if he or she is healthy, will live for around 16 to 20 years.

Please note that we prefer our kittens to be homed in pairs, although on occasions we will home them singly.

So, if you or someone you know are thinking about furry additions to the family, please think about rescue kittens and contact us on  01580 241632

Please Note: Kittens do not leave our care until they are 12 weeks old. This is best practice and is beneficial for both the kittens and new owners.


In order to continue our work, protect ourselves and visitors to our centre, we will be exercising caution over the coming months in regard to the ending of Covid restrictions.

All appointments must be confirmed bookings or we will not be able to see you. Sensible social distancing, and mask wearing when in enclosed spaces such as our office will continue until further notice. This is ultimately for the good of the cats who need our help.

We work 7 days a week and appointments can be made outside of working hours if necessary.

Thank you, Ruth and Allan.

Please click here to see some examples of the type of "work in progress" cats we regularly care for.

Kittens and youngsters are snapped up very quickly, so if you are interested in any that are advertised, or any that we may have in our care, please pick up the phone and let us know.

You can call us on 01580 241632 .

Jaya & Her Kittens (Summer 2022)

Jaya, a beautiful blue and white girl came into our care as a heavily pregnant homeless cat. She gave birth to her three little boys, Jolly, Jester and Joker at our centre and we are happy to say that after a slightly difficult birth, they are all doing very well. We hope you enjoy seeing them. In our 1st video, they are just 2 weeks old.

Click here for further installments!


Names: Bella & Bizzy

Age: 5 Months  Gender: Female  Breed: DSH


Bella and Bizzy are a pair of cute little sisters.

They have come into our care with their mum Bianca and had a very harsh start in life.

They love playing together and with other kitties, but they are coming along well with our amazing kitten fosterers.

They are waiting for a kind and patient adult home, where they can build their trust and blossom.

If you would like to offer Bella and Bizzy the safe and loving home they need, please let us know on 01580 241632.


Names: Simba & Annie


Age: 13 Weeks  Gender: Male & Female  Breed: DSH


Simba & Annie are an adorable brother and sister duo.

They have been cared for in one of our wonderful foster homes, so they have had plenty of handling and are very well socialised.

They are sweet, friendly and playful kitties and will suit a variety of loving homes.

If you would like to offer Simba and Annie a safe and loving home, please call us on 01580 241632.


Name: Dottie


Age: 11 Weeks  Gender: Female  Breed: DSH

Dottie is an adorable little jet black kitten.

She has come from a home and is a very well socialised and happy girl.

She is the most affectionate, gentle and trusting baby, who loves cuddles and is a powerhouse of purring! She will make a fabulous pet and companion for a variety of loving homes.

 If you would like to make Dottie part of your caring home, please call our centre on 01580 241632 and make an appointment to meet her.

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