Long Term Fostering

What is Long Term Fostering?

With us, long term fostering means that the cat or cats remain our ultimate responsibility whilst living with the fosterer as their own cat with support from us in the background.

This means that not only are we on hand for advice but we also pay for medication, veterinary care and even flea and worming treatments as well as their regular vaccinations.

As one of our long term fosterers you will offer a safe and caring home - often indoor only - and give love and kindness to the cats in your care. The only monetary cost to a foster home is food and litter.

Our foster carers are special people, important to running our charity and we appreciate all they do.

Which Cats Are Available to Foster?

We offer certain cats to long term foster homes for a variety of reasons. They may have an illness such as diabetes or cancer in remission, or they may have FIV.

They may simply be elderly - needing a home due to the death of a previous owner or because their owner has replaced them with a younger cat (yes, this does happen!) The other types of cat we offer for long term fostering are for reasons of cruelty or neglect, or a previous life without human interaction, are rather cautious or have contact issues.

These cats present slight challenges but ultimately offer a huge sense of achievement and reward to the fosterer. Seeing a timid or traumatised cat become less fearful because of your care and the safety you have given, far outweigh the challenges.

In the case of cats with illness - they just need kindness and care in the same way as any other but with regular medication.

Elderly cats are simply that. They have often given a lifetime of companionship and comfort only to find that in the autumn of their life, nobody wants them.

You will receive an RCR Angel Pack which contains important information about your foster cat, vaccination dates, medication and of course all of our contact details. 

How to Become a Fosterer

We believe that every cat deserves the chance to be safe and to be loved, so we would like to hear from like-minded people interested in becoming one of our RCR Angels.

If that sounds like you, please contact us on 07538 967003 or by email.


Names: Peggy & Betsy

Age: 5 Years Gender: Female  Breed:  DSH

Betsy is a striking semi long haired girl and Peggy is short haired - both are traditional black and white girls.

They came into our care from a large hungry colony of cats and had experienced only negative contact with people. Peggy will be stroked but Betsy is not keen on this.

What these poor cats need is a kind, patient and understanding home where they will be appreciated for who they are - with no expectations.

If you would like to offer these two girls the love and safety they need, please .

Names: Tamsin & Thalia


   Age: 3 Years  Gender: Female  Breed:  DSH


Tamsin a beautiful tortie and white girl and Thalia is a pretty black and white lady.

They both came into our care as hungry and frightened cats who had lived entirely outdoors and Tamsin had kittens.

These girls are unused to love and attention so are currently wary of being touched. Tamsin has been with us since last summer and although she doesn’t like to be stroked yet, she is fine with our company and shows plenty of interest. Thalia has been with us for slightly less time and although is an independent personality, she is happy to be around us. 

Neither one of these girls have ever shown any aggression and they are enjoying the comfort, safety and kindness of life indoors. They get on well with other cats and would suit a patient and understanding, adult only indoor home. Giving a home to cats who have never experienced love or care is a challenge initially, but the rewards are worth every moment.

If you would like to offer Tamsin and Thalia a real home for the first time in their lives, please let us know by calling 01580 241632 or by emailing us.