A Tale Of A Broken Tail

Myla, a lovely little blue and white kitty was handed into our care from a home, along with her sister Coco.

We were horrified to discover that Myla had suffered a broken tail which was rotting away and she had not received any veterinary care. The fur on her tail had fallen out and the tail itself which was constantly bleeding and oozing, was shrivelling up.

Without veterinary intervention she would very likely have suffered a serious infection which could have resulted in her death. We of course rushed her to our vets, who did a great job. They amputated the rotting part of the tail and made a neat little bobtail for her.

A cat’s tail is part of their spine – not a disposable appendage that can be simply left to drop off when damaged and cats, like all animals, feel pain. 

We realise that money is tight for many people, but that does not excuse leaving an animal to suffer. Charities can help in difficult times and it is important to explore all avenues. 

Myla and Coco have a lovely new home now and Myla’s tail is healing nicely – a happy ending that could so easily have been a tragedy.