Abandoned, Hungry & Alone

This is Daddio, a puss who until recently was living in a shopping centre car park, trying to stay alive by eating scavenged scraps. 

He was spotted one morning by a lady on her way to work, and she asked a variety of people about him such as who he belonged to and how long he had been there. She was shocked when they told her that he had been around for months and was “just a stray”. One of them added that he was surprised “the cat” was still alive. Nobody had fed him or given him a drink of water and he was struggling to survive. 

It was then that she decided to take matters into her own hands and bring him to safety. As it turned out, this was easier said than done as Daddio had learned to avoid people and his trust had taken a battering. She began to feed him in the morning and again in the evening, something which went on for weeks before he started to show some trust in her. 

She then stayed in her car late at night, (on occasion attracting the attention of the police) in order to win him over and in the end she was able to catch him. This took months of patience and care but in the end she was able to bring him into the safety of our centre.

He was an unneutered lad who has obviously known a home as he is extremely friendly and loving, despite his harsh experiences. He is carrying a few battle scars, but now he is in a safe environment, they will heal so that they are barely noticeable.  He is so happy to be able to snuggle into a nice warm bed and have food and water readily available. He gets on with other cats and is a laid back lovely boy. 

Daddio’s outcome could have been so very different, but for the intervention of his guardian angel…..

He went from us to loving home with another puss to live a very happy life.

Click below to watch his video.