Tristan & Saxon - Abandoned In A Graveyard

These two stunning little ginger boys were brought to us by caring people who found them abandoned in Tenterden Churchyard. Thank goodness that there are people out there who have a heart, as they would have starved to death without their timely intervention.

Although at first they appeared to be healthy little babies, it quickly became clear that they were full of worms and also had fleas. We have treated them for these problems and they are now fine and as they should be.

They were such sweet, friendly little lads that will grow into absolutely stunning cats and will certainly be a wonderful addition to any home.

It is so sad to think that people would rather condemn innocent little creatures like Tristan and Saxon to a slow and agonising death,  than bring them to a rescue centre where they will be safe. Assuming that they will be ok is simply an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude, when to our certain knowledge most abandoned kittens starve to death or are killed by other animals.

We are so glad that Tristan and Saxon were found and that they have happy lives ahead of them.

Homing Update: October 2013

We knew that it wouldn’t be long before these little darlings found their forever home, but the sheer speed that they were offered a loving home was both astounding and heartwarming.

They are now safe and content in the care of their new mum and are lucky little boys indeed!

They have been named Rufus and Rory (great red names!) and look very happy in their new home. Their mum, Rebecca has posted a number of lovely photographs of them over the years on our Facebook page under Posts by Others.

We send them all our very best wishes for many happy years together.


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