Beth - A Very Lucky Puss....

When Beth was handed into our care some eight weeks ago, she was in a terrible state.

She had very little strength, was thin and bedraggled and she had a huge and bad smelling mass on her back and side.

On taking her to our vets we discovered that she had suffered a dog attack and had a wide area of painful, part healed wounds. but the one on her back and side was so badly infected that had she not come into our care when she did, this poor little cat would have suffered a very painful death.

It took around five weeks for her to start to really pick up and show interest, but once she

started she tucked into her food and we discovered what a sweet and lovely little lady she is.

She is not a young cat, but at around 12-13 years she has plenty of time left and lots of love to give and she will make someone a fantastic pet and companion.

It is so important to act when you see a cat in need, even if it is not shockingly obvious, because your intervention can mean the difference between life and death for a desperate animal like Beth.

You can watch her gain strength and recover by clicking on her short video below.

Beth, A Very Lucky Puss – Video

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