Touch & Go For Crystal

On a cold winter night, whilst bringing in her logs a lady put her hand on something damp and cold. She was startled to see that it was a cat and on closer inspection she could see that this cat was very sick.

She contacted us and we were able to offer her a place straight away. She was extremely dirty, completely malnourished and too weak to hold up her head, let alone walk. We kept her warm and took her to our vets who quickly put her on a drip to re-hydrate her. During her 11 day hospitalisation, they were able to confirm that she had suffered some serious injuries, the first of which had been treated, but whilst living a harsh life as a stray cat, the others had been left to heal on their own. She has been left blind in one eye and with some permanent damage to one of her back legs. We knew that those first days were going to be touch and go. 

Crystal 3But this plucky little cat survived. We named her Crystal and set to the business of healing her. Weeks of cage rest and eating tiny amounts of food every hour went a very long way to restoring her strength and kind, gentle words and stroking  to restoring her faith in people. Eventually she began to groom herself and to show interest in her surroundings – she had turned the corner to recovery. 

 As further weeks passed, Crystal gained in strength and put on weight. She loved to be stroked and was an affectionate, friendly girl; she also purrs loudly! This is a remarkable transformation as the images you see here only start a week after her return from her stay at the vets. 

It is true to say that if she had not been discovered on that cold night, Crystal would most certainly have died. She was starving and completely sapped of strength – she had all but given up the fight.  Thanks to a kind heart, her life was saved and she became well enough to go to a new, caring home, where she was able be a much loved companion and member of the family. 

Please click the video below to watch Crystal’s miraculous transformation:

Crystal went to a loving home where she received regular holistic therapy for the effects of her injuries.