In mid November 2019 we took an elderly puss called Minty into our care. He was found in a state of collapse by a kind lady who thank goodness, picked him up.

We rushed him to our vets who told us he was in a hypothermic condition and may not make it. It was touch and go but this dear old boy slowly pulled through. Once he was back in our care we scanned him and found that he was microchipped and that he was 21 years old!

We then contacted Minty's owner who clearly adored him and was so happy that he was alive and that he could come home to her. She was also very grateful to the lady who found him and essentially saved his life. She hadn’t realised the dangers of cold weather and it’s effect on elderly cats, so she had allowed him to go out as usual.

We were thankfully able to explain that a cat of his age is similar to a human age of around 90 years old, so although he may be unaware that things have changed, due to the natural aging process, he needs extra care and protection from the elements.

It is important to keep elderly cats indoors during the winter months as hypothermia can cause collapse and death very quickly. Provide them with a litter tray and a comfy place to curl up for a snooze and they will be quite happy. If they fuss to go out, remember that they are fragile and you are protecting them. Distract them with a treat and a toy and they will quickly forget the habit of venturing outside.

If you are lucky enough to still have your cat or cats in their autumn years, cherish them and please keep them safe.