Elliot’s Story (June 2024)

Elliot had been somebody’s pet, but he found himself homeless at a time when he should have been receiving extra care going into the autumn of his life.

When he came into our care, he was extremely thin, very weak and in poor condition. He had a patchy coat, was desperate for food and overly vocal, we saw quickly that something more than a lack of food and homelessness was wrong. After a thorough examination from our vet, he was found to be suffering from an overactive thyroid – thankfully a situation that could be controlled with regular medication, which was quickly started.

This poor boy had somehow lost his home, was an aging cat at approximately 14 years old, and he was struggling with an illness that kept him ravenously hungry but consistently losing weight – all without any regular food or much strength to fend for himself. Without the care and medication he needed, he would have died alone on the streets. A cruel prospect for a dear old cat that had given his love and companionship.

So we set to the task of building his weight and improving his condition, which was not going happen overnight. We started with small meals but often, and slowly his strength began to increase and he became less wobbly on his legs. His coat eventually began to thicken and gain a little shine, and finally he began to gain some weight. What a relief!

On considering the type of home that would suit him, we decided that due to his condition and need for regular medication, we would look for a permanent foster home for him. We offer this type of home to certain cats that would otherwise be difficult to rehome. It means that we remain responsible for their health, we provide preventative care such as flea and worming treatment and regular vaccinations, but their long term foster carer provides a loving home, food, water and litter. These foster carers are known as our RCR Angels and they make a huge difference to cats that need a little extra care and understanding.

After a while, Elliot was offered the perfect foster home with a mum who is more than happy to care for him, give him his medication and importantly, the love and comfort he needs. This is a wonderful outcome that fills us with joy.

His life is now without fear or hunger, his condition is well controlled, and he adores his new home.

We are so glad for Elliot, and we wish him every happiness.

Our fostering scheme allows us to home cats that would otherwise be overlooked in favour of younger, bolder cats and those with manageable health conditions. However we wouldn’t be able to offer such a scheme without the kind donations we receive from everyone who supports our work, for which we are extremely grateful.

In order to limit any distress, all of the photographs in this article  and video show Elliot once he was improving)
In his short video, you can see how happy Elliot is in his loving new home.