Five Little Orphans

These beautiful little babies came into our care as orphaned kittens.

Their pregnant, homeless mum was given refuge by caring people and was able to give birth in safety, in a warm home. However, when her babies were barely three weeks old she went out and didn’t return. As this is very unusual behaviour the people who so kindly took her in, feared she had been killed on the road and contacted us.

They still needed help to go to the loo but this was soon a thing of the past.

We enjoyed seeing these little darlings grow and develop, as we hope you will by watching their videos.



Little orphans Playtime!

As you know, there were five of our Little Orphans video diary kittens, but they became seven! 

We took two more little orphaned babies into our care of the same age as Samson and his sisters and as you can see, they all got on famously! They all grew in confidence and in size, with playing being number one on their list of things to do!

The two new kitties are called Jaden and Tighe and we hope you enjoy this instalment of their video diary. 

Little Orphans Video Diary No. 3

Our seven little orphans then became eight! with the addition of Sindy, a dear little black kitty who fitted in very well indeed.  They developed perfectly week by week and were a delight to behold.

We hope you enjoy this last instalment of their video diary.

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