Kittens Left In A Cardboard Box:

These two beautiful little babies were sadly just packed up and left in a cardboard box for us to find. 

They were obviously stressed and confused and had been in the box for some time without food or water. As you can see from the photographs, they had tried to claw their way out of the box, which would have been extremely dangerous for them had they succeeded.

Abandoning cats and kittens in a box, hoping that they will be found before they manage to escape is gambling with their lives. In hot weather they can overheat, in cold weather their temperature will drop rapidly and exacerbated by the obvious stress of the situation they can all too quickly die. They can be attacked by other animals or unpleasant people or may simply never be found.

Whoever left them, had looked after them prior to abandoning them and they are very well socialised, but this is not the way to rehome cats and kittens. The only positive is at least they were left with us and not in a wood or pathway somewhere.

It is worth noting that nobody has to have an animal, it is a choice and one that should not be taken lightly. We of course understand that people’s situations change and this can mean giving up their pets. We are here to help and would far rather people discussed matters with us.

The upside of this story is that the two kittens who we have named Breezy and Sunshine, are adorable little 8-9 month old girls and will make fantastic pets. We expect a lot of interest in them and look forward to giving them a proper send off to a new loving forever home.