Sick & Alone - Left to Die

Little Basil was 7 weeks old. He was found stumbling along the verge of a road, his eyes swollen and his nose blocked, with advanced stages of cat flu and a truly dreadful ear mite infestation as well as fleas. He would most certainly have died, either from the cat flu or by being hit by a car, had he not been noticed by caring people.

Once in our care, we isolated him, treated him immediately for ear mites and fleas and he received treatment for cat flu.  His progress was quite slow due to his young age and slight weight, but he does have an amazing appetite!  He is also a very up-beat, happy and playful little chap.

What is perhaps most shocking about this case, is that Basil is a kitten who has been shamefully neglected as he has obviously had a lot of handling, unlike a feral kitten who would be behaving very differently indeed. Like so many cats and kittens that come into our care, due possibly to the onset of cat flu he was simply thrown away, abandoned to die out of the sight of whoever owned him.

Our first short video shows Basil, 2 weeks after entering our care. He has had ear mite and flea treatment but the signs of illness are easy to see. 

Little Basil – Update 24th July 2013

We are happy to say that  Basil is growing well and overcoming his illness. At 12 weeks old, he has clear eyes and thank goodness, no more ear mites.  However, he is sometimes rather uncoordinated in his movements due to what we discovered is a brain injury likely to have occurred whilst in the womb and his breathing is still very audible. 

He is a cheeky little chap and is always ready to give our fully grown resident cats a telling off whether they need it or not! 

We and Basil are taking each day at a time and hope for a full recovery or at least the fullest recovery possible.

We hope you enjoy his next video.

Little Basil – Update 15th September 2013

We hope you enjoy Basil’s last update video. He was very special to us and we will miss him, although we are so happy for him that he moved on to his new life in a real home where he will be loved and cared for.

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