Merci & Tyson - Found!

Back in April 2014 we were devastated by the news that after only 24 hours in their new home, Tyson & Merci had gone missing. 

They were not young cats and we were worried about them. We posted flyers through doors and put posters up in various places, we appealed for them on Facebook and Twitter and looked for them as did our many supporters, but to no avail.

After three long weeks we were overjoyed when we were told by caring people that Merci had been seen and was being fed. This allowed us to bring her safely back into our care, but her companion Tyson was still missing and nobody knew where he could be.

We appealed again for Tyson but weeks went by without hearing anything – we began to fear the worst but didn’t want to give up hope. 

Imagine our joy when we received a call from a kind lady in Cranbrook, telling us that her cat had brought a black cat home with him and that he looked like the cat in our poster. After ten weeks of worrying about him we almost didn’t dare to hope it was Tyson, but when we saw him we were overjoyed! 

This is absolute proof that no matter how long it takes, we mustn’t give up on our missing cats because unless we know for certain that they are deceased, they may well be out there somewhere – often close by.

Tyson is safely back in his unit with his companion Merci, tired from his ordeal but not too exhausted to tuck into some of his favourite food!

We are hugely grateful to everyone who helped to bring these cats to safety. So many of you got involved by giving up your time to search for them, by liking and sharing on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, and by word of mouth which is greatly appreciated.

Our special thanks goes to the lady who fed Merci and informed us and to the lady who found Tyson and cared enough to let us know, and of course to her cat for bringing him home. 

Once we were happy that they were recovered from their ordeal, Tyson & Merci went to a loving new home. 

After years of being forced to live in a shed outside and then going missing after a previous homing, they are now enjoying  stability, safety,  the companionship of three other rescue cats, a calm rescue dog and an attentive mum and dad. Tyson became an inquisitive lad who liked to be involved in all household activities! Merci enjoys a quiet life of relaxation and comfort. 

This is a wonderful and happy ending to their story. 

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