Our Work During Lockdown

As many of you will have noticed, we have had no available kittens so far this year and we currently have very few adult cats available for adoption.

This is not indicative of the amount of rescue work we have been doing however, as we have not stopped taking cats in but the vast majority of them are very much "work in progress". We have been out in all weathers and at all hours, trapping fearful and unsocialised cats, frightened mums with equally frightened babies, injured and traumatised un-neutered males, the list goes on, and all of this means that they are currently not suitable for homing.

We have also been backwards and forwards to the vets for treatments and neutering, and we have been homing available cats to loving homes.

Whilst social distancing measures are still in place, only Ruth and Allan can do all of the work on the ground and they must stay safe and well not only for their own sake, but for that of the rescue and the cats in our care. If we have our volunteers at the centre, then we can't have visitor bookings - so all of the cleaning and socialising is being done by them alone. Of course, those members of the team who can do their work from home have continued to do so, but it has been a tough and extremely strange time.

Where we would normally take in pregnant mums and litters of kittens from home situations, for whatever reason - perhaps because so many rescues closed their doors - people have not been making contact as they usually do.

We are so grateful for the continued support we have received throughout the coronavirus crisis and we have added a gallery of a number of the cats and kittens currently in our care. Please look through them as they will be available for homing at some point and you will be surprised by how different they are by the time they are ready to be homed.

We have a very traumatised British Blue who was un-neutered is fearful of people in our care along with two of his older kittens, an injured and hungry ginger boy, little terrified soft apricot coloured kittens - these are just a sample of the beautiful creatures we are working hard to heal, and we will succeed because we always do.

We don't have a trap, neuter, eartip and release policy, so all of our "work in progress" cats and kittens will find loving homes - its what we do.

So, please be patient as all of these cats and kittens will become available when they are ready.