Alongside our work of the rescue and rehoming of friendly strays, abandoned or abused pets, and cats from homes where they can no longer stay (for a variety of reasons), a lot of the work we do is with unsocialised, timid and fearful cats.

We bring them into our care from farms, multi-cat households and various outdoor situations and it is fair to say that they can be challenge at the beginning - but a challenge we are happy to take on because it gives them the chance of a life that would otherwise be denied to them.

The gentle rehabilitation of these cats takes time and patience, but happily we have homed many to loving homes where they live as beloved pets, relaxing on beds and sofas and soaking up the sun in conservatories and on their lawns, and curling up in front of the fire in the cold weather - a world away from huddling under a hedge or parked vehicle. 

We also home a few to kind, caring and responsible small holdings or stables where they enjoy regular daily meals, fresh water, a safe bed away from the elements and vet checks and vaccinations.

We feature some of these less bold cats in our care on our website adoption page, where people can read about them and follow their progress as we update their posts.

These little cats are some of the latest additions to our adoption page, Little Mo and Dolly, and a group of six (to be eventually homed in pairs) called Mr. Fluffy-Black, Miss Fluffy-Black, Buttons, Mr. Diamond-Nose, Miss Diamond-Nose and Blue-Belle.

Offering a home to cats like these does require patience and understanding, but is ultimately incredibly rewarding.

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