Renot’s Journey:

Renot was brought to our attention after a very long time traveling from garden to garden, in the hope he would be saved. Eventually somebody cared enough to let us know and we were able to bring him into our protection.

The realisation of what this poor frail and malnourished little cat had suffered was heart breaking. He was so thin that his fur had started to fall out, and his skeletal frame was clearly visible. He was so weak that he could barely stand, and when he did, it was with a wobbling and unsteady gait. Naturally, we were extremely worried, and wondered if he would respond to feeding and gentle care. He was exhausted and dirty – he had not been grooming himself which is always a sign that something is wrong – but he was safe, and began to catch up on essential sleep without fear.

With lots of encouragement he started to eat, just a little at first and more often because his stomach wouldn’t be able to take normal amounts of food. Over a couple of weeks Renot was tucking into his meals with gusto, and although he is still very underweight we can see definite improvement. He is also grooming himself again which is a very positive sign that he is feeling stronger.

He is a lovely, friendly boy who has clearly been somebody’s pet. For some reason he found himself homeless, and was completely lost without human contact and the life he had known. This meant adapting to a harsh life of providing for himself that he was ill equipped to do. Such is the sad fate of stray, homeless cats…

Because we have a no kill policy, we will work hard to restore Renot to full health and then find him a loving home. We believe that he, and all the cats that come into our care deserve the chance of a happy life for as long as possible.

Renot is just one example of the many cats we help in this way, and will of course continue to do so. It isn’t a fast process, and it requires patience and understanding to nurse cats back to health, but it is a strong part of the foundation that our charity is built on.

If you see a cat hovering around, please don’t assume that they are just visiting. Ask around in case they belong to a neighbour, but if not, don’t turn a blind eye to their plight because more often than not they are there because they need help. Please be kind and take them to a vet or cat rescue – they will scan them for a microchip and if they are somebody’s lost pet they will be reunited. If not, they can be helped to find a new home.

We will update on Renot’s progress, and we will do all we can to help him to continue to improve week by week.

You can watch his short video below