This poor cat is Ricky who came into our care in April 2013 as an ageing, full tom cat who was gradually starving to death. 

When we saw him, we worried that he wouldn’t make the first few days as he was so weak he could barely stand. He was carrying the obvious scars of  a harsh physical life and also the sadness of a life without love.

First things first, we settled him into a cosy den and gave him food and water. We quickly realised that not only did he need neutering but his mouth was obviously causing him pain. Observing him as he began to tuck into his food due to hunger, we saw that he only ate a little of it. He certainly needed dental treatment as his breath was terrible, so we took him to along to the vet.  In order to be sure of his overall health, we had him tested for a variety of diseases such as thyroid and FIV which all came back clear. His poor state was simply and sadly caused by malnutrition, lack of care and poor dental condition. 

In order for Ricky to survive an anaesthetic, he was put on a drip for two days prior to his operation to rehydrate him and he was kept on the drip throughout the operation, with careful monitoring. He came back to us after a period of post operative observation, minus his problematic teeth and a couple of other things after successful neutering!

We are happy to say that he did not look back. He tucked into his food with real gusto, and instead of hanging his head, he looked up at us with much brighter eyes.  He became stronger, his gums were less painful, his breath was definitely sweeter, and he was altogether a much happier boy.

Update: 25th July 2013

Ricky has come a long way in the 3 months he has spent with us.

From the early days when we were worried that he wouldn’t last the night, he became a robust eater who looked up at us with life in his eyes. He even also gained some weight. 

He is a sweet and friendly boy and we were so happy when he was offered a loving new home.

His new mum made sure he had toys, a comfy bed, plenty of food and spent plenty of time getting things ready for him. This is the best news and a wonderful ending for a dear old cat who would surely have perished alone and unloved on the streets.

We know that Ricky and his new family will have the happiest of times together.